Andrew Zema's Landscaping Inc.


We cover Berkshire County, MA,
Columbia County, NY
and Rensselaer County, NY

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Hardscape (click in the image to enlarge)

Versa Lock Wall & Unilock Paver Patio Versa_Kook_Wall_&_Unilock_Paver_Patio
Versa Lock Walls & Unilock Stair Versa_Lock_Walls_&_Unilock_Stair
Stone Walkway Stone_Walkway
Wall Around Patio
Lilac Blue Stone Patio
Stone Patio
Curved Formal Stone Wall
Stonewalk and Stone Patio
Wall and Patio

Stone Wall


Stone Walkway


Stone Walkway

Walkway and Stone Stairs

Stone Work:
Stairs, wall, and walkway

Pea Stone Walk
in a Japanese Garden
Versa lock wall with unilock paver patio
Versa lock wall and paver patio
Versa lock wall, stairs and paver patio

Perennial garden and stone walkway with hand made joints


Japanese Garden

Free Form Patio
Patio Stonewalk Stonesteps