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We cover Berkshire County, MA,
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We own lovely lakefront.
We are thrilled with our completed project here on the waterfront In East Otis, MA.  Andrew and his very dedicated, knowledgeable crew, had to get equipment down a very steep grade where it needed to be to get the job done.  With the constant challenge of removing huge boulders, a beautiful stone patio, walls, and stairway were created.  Andrew is very easy to work with.  He listens and he offers suggestions.  As we had only an idea of what we wanted, he made that idea a reality.  We are very grateful to Andrew and his crew.  We highly recommend Andrew Zema’s  Landscaping.  

                                                               Ron and Donna Watson & East Otis, MA.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Zema in the late summer of 2010, when he and his crew installed 10 Techny Arborvitae (5 to 6 feet tall) as a beautiful hedge along the north side of my property line and the installation of 1 Korean Sun Pear tree as an accent tree on my property.  His landscaping precision and the work and the skill of his crew produced a fantastic job well done.  Today the Techny Arborvitae’s are 10 to 12 feet high and have developed beautifully.  The Korean Sun Pear tree has developed into a well formed ornamental tree which gives a beautiful flowering display.  I was so impressed with Andrew and his crew, that 5 years later in June 2014, I decided to have 12 more Techny Arborvitae installed to continue the hedge line.  Again, his attention to the detail of the installation of the trees with the appropriate amendments and mulching around the base of the trees, and that of his outstanding skilled and hardworking crew, made the whole experience perfect and seamless.  We discussed additional landscaping changes to my property which led to the installation of a beautiful Goshen Stone walkway with stairs in the front of my house with significant drainage installed to correct an old water run off problem.  We also proceeded to redo an old patio in the back yard with Goshen stone in a free form style with stairs and the planting of 2 types of low growing Sedum perennials to accent the patio.  The effort also included the installation of additional drainage to eliminate spring run-off.  His crew is very polite, respectful, and have amazing talents.  They work together like a well-oiled machine, measuring and leveling for precision, to get the job done to perfection.  They do outstanding stone designs with a variety of cuts in the stone so that it blends into a beautiful puzzle-like work of art. They also installed an Estate Rail fence to accent the new patio.  They have a variety of talents that meet the highest of standards for the various crafts they perform.  I am so pleased to have met such a wonderfully talented, skilled and hardworking crew who brought my yard and gardens to new life.   Andrew is very personable, attentive to deal, and performs the landscaping tasks at a very reasonable price. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Andrew and his outstanding landscaping team.  
                                                               Ellen F. Krupka & Lee, MA  

Andrew is very knowledgeable about what will work where in your yard vis a vis the sun exposure (summer and winter) and if something doesn't work  he knows an alternative. He also has a great eye for placement. His crew  is fabulous, hardworking and don't leave a mess. We are soooo glad we  found them!
                                                               Julie  and Russell Currie & Canaan, NY  

We own lovely lakefront property on Laurel Lake, Lee, MA. Our property is challenging due to the fact that it is located below the main road and it is impossible to get any heavy duty equipment there for landscaping. Everything must be hand carried down stairs. Andrew Zema's Landscaping crew was unbelievable and worked so hard, carrying stones and dirt and other implements used to create a magnificent work of art. Andrew was efficient, hard working and extremely professional on the job (not to mention he's a nice guy, too). Our stone wall is magnificent and the patios are totally awesome! The look is all natural and blends in beautifully with the lakefront property. Andrew Zema's crew worked non-stop for nearly two weeks, and they knew what they were doing, measuring and laying stones. In addition, they wired patio lights into the wall to give the property an even softer look for the evening. We have never seen such hard workers in our lives. The crew was polite and honest and the very best workers we have ever met. There is a lot to be said about honesty in an employee and trust, and we felt that way about all the workers who were here for the time span it took to complete the job. If you want a professional company and a beautiful job, hire Andrew Zema's Landscaping for the very best. You get what you pay for!
                                                               Frank Bonnevie & Margie Shulman Lee, MA

We wanted to make a patio into a place of peace: simple, contemplative with a quiet beauty. We wanted all stone and a muted color scheme based on the natural color of the stones. A statute of the Chinese goddess Kuan Yin is a focal point countered by a magnolia tree at the opposite end of the patio. We wanted both art and functionality so we turned to Andrew Zema’s Landscaping. Mr. Andrew Zema had previously worked with us to add a berm to the front of the property that keeps water from accumulating while adding a garden to our home that is exciting year round. In both instances, what we got was more than we had anticipated. We now have hours of enjoyment just approaching our home from the road or looking out our back windows or sitting in our yard.
                                                               Sandra L. Burton and Don Quinn Kelley, Hancock, MA -

Andrew combined great knowledge, experience and an ability to listen to and interpret our ideas in his landscaping. The plants and specimen trees he provided are beautiful and unusual. Our garden truly reflects our tastes and his expertise. We couldn't be more satisfied! 

                                                                               Eric Beube and David Zucker -

"It was immediately apparent after meeting Andrew that we wanted to work with him for our Japanese Garden installation. His knowledge of the Berkshires and the plants that work well here is unparalleled. His understanding of practical and beautiful garden design is exceptional. His own work, and that of his team is of the highest possible standard. During the installation, we watched Andrew spend 20 minutes find the perfect placement for a large rock - we didn't understand what the fuss was about - now we realize that that rock serves as a seat for us within the garden and provides a spectacular view of the pond and waterfalls.
Our garden is an oasis that brings joy whenever we see it. Uniquely, immediately after finishing the garden it looked like it had always been there - which over the past four years has only become more beautiful.
I cannot recommend Andrew and his team highly enough. It is a decision that you will not live to regret. I would also be more than happy to talk to anyone who would like to see our garden to show off Andrew's skills."
Charles Abbott MD -

"Andrew has landscaped for us for over 10 years. He is serious about what he does, extremely talented and creative and goes out of his way to help you achieve whatever it is you want to do. He does a lot of preparation for the site: choosing products that are right for the climate zone, preparing the soil and planting at the right time of year. We have never had a problem with anything he has landscaped."
                                                                              Leslie Teicholz and Bob Dahlen -

“Thanks again for the outstanding planning and performance. You’ve helped us realize our highest hopes for gardens, walkways, and plantings that bring us continuous enjoyment.”
                                                                               Burton and Linda Edelstein -