Water Feature Services

Andrew Zema’s water features have been praised for becoming the main focal point and area of enjoyment in all his designs. His placement of stone, plants, and water adds multiple focal points throughout his gardens.
Andrew designed and installed his first pond in 1989, and has installed many over the years. His long experience has given him and his company the knowledge needed for success in creating beautiful water features of all types. Ponds and water features create a relaxing mood and bring life into the landscape.

Water Garden/Koi Pond

We offer custom-designed Koi ponds and installation services. A Koi pond adds colors, movement, and sounds creating more interest in your garden. We can design and create a custom Koi pond for you.

Wetland restoration and planting, including bog filtration filter system.

A pond filtration system helps maintain water quality. Applying the principles of a natural bog, bog filtration employs the use of plants to remove excess nutrients and improve water quality and clarity.

Ornamental Ponds, Natural Ponds, Swimming Ponds



Pondless waterfalls

Waterfall | Andrew Zema's Landscaping & Excavating - Berkshire County, Columbia County, Rensselaer County

Let Us Help With Your Property's Water Features

Andrew Zema’s Landscaping can help you design and build a beautiful landscape that will provide endless hours of outdoor enjoyment for you, your family and your guests.